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Friday, January 07, 2005


'Piphany Present!

Oh look, oh look! I got an Epiphany Present from Kary!

She made this scarf for me - isn't it beautiful? It's my favorite color! See how my eyes look all teary from gratitude? Thank you, Miss Kary - it arrived just in time for Russian Christmas!

And so did the snow:

In Fibery News...

Jeff's nightcap in sage Rowan "Calmer" is coming along well. Once again, my calculations were off, but that is part of the experimental process. I had the circumference of the top figured out correctly, but when I started down the sides in my K2P2 ribbing, my gauge changed, and I didn't take into account the actual thickness of the yarn, so the hat was once again too big around, despite the top being correct.

I switched, about 2" down, to K2P1 ribbing, and that has tightened it up a bit, without making too noticeable a difference in the appearance. Phew!

Then, my needles started stabbing me! I love using two circulars for in-the-round projects, but I abhor metal ones - especially sharp and pointy Inox needles. Unfortunatly, that was what I had on hand and had been using. I finally had enough of sore fingers, and went to the LYS today and got some fabulous Skacel 8" bamboo DPNs.

I'd never seen these before (and a quick search doesn't turn up much on these online) but they are wonderful! Nice and smooth and somewhat "grippy" (not slippery is what I mean, but easier to slide stitches on than some of my beloved Brittanys - their indented size markings on the shafts slow things down a bit.) I would compare these to Clover bamboos except that the tips on these are somewhat scoopy, like the Balene needles! And the finish seems a bit smoother. I've never seen scooped tips on a wood or bamboo DPN, and because of that lovely scoopiness, the needles are really easy to use and definitely worth the price ($11.50).

The LYS is strangely organized, to say the least... piles and piles of everything, everywhere, and things tucked waaaay high on precarious shelves, or stuck into cubbyholes (an old library card catalog is what comes to mind - I bet it really is one!) All of the DPNs were in those cubbies, and you had to ask for them - so I don't know if these are some ancient, discontinued models or what... but if you find some in your area, be sure to snap them up!

Some very badly-behaved Noro Silk Garden jumped into my bag as well. I gave it a firm, "NO!" and pointed back to the shelf, but it obviously hadn't been trained very well and would not obey. It kept staring at me with its big, soft, brown/gray/blue shininess, and I couldn't resist. "Oh, fine! You can come home with me. But you had better behave and not make me frog you!" It sat happily on the passenger seat of the car for the long drive home, and has now taken up residence in the - sigh! - giant in-progress pile on the piano. I have a hat and cowl in mind...

Will these things ever stop following me home? I swear, they can always sense the one who's a pushover in the family...

And I'm not even going to tell you about the Fiber Trends crochet and knit patterns that tagged along.

Let me know you've been here, and have a GOOD weekend. Be sure to just sit and BE for a while... that's what January's for - contemplation.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Mission Impossible?

I cannot find, anywhere, a fabric similar to the one on Samantha's dress:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: if you can find a simple, white, rosebud-sprigged, cotton length of fabric, let me know - you just might win a prize!

(While we're at it, anyone got a good source for Swallow Casein size US2 DPNs?)

A Better Way To Help...

Have you seen how much your siblings-in-knitting have donated to Doctors Without Borders (who actually DO need your money, no matter what the US news media have incorrectly reported!) at Yarn Harlot's blog?

And if you donate, you have a chance to win the awesome Latvian mittens Stephanie is working on!

Stephanie mentioned Abby's blog, and I see she's instigated a Charity Yarn Diet 2005 - check it out. What a good way to use up some of your stash and help others - win/win all the way!

In Fibery Pursuits...

We have the first fiasco of 2005!

So much for Jeff's Koigu "KPPPM" nightcap. Actually, maybe this would be good for him to take on his overseas flights... he can forego the KLM sleep mask.

While I think of it, would someone please tell me - though I am hesitant to appear such a knitting knitwit as to have to ask... how does one pronounce Koigu?

Ribbing would have been a better choice, but there were so many colors in this yarn (how do they do that?) that I couldn't stand to take the focus away by using any stitch other than stockinette.

I will just have to rip back to where the increases stopped and knit it smaller. Actually, I'll rip a bit farther, as I initially miscalculated: I thought a negative 5% fit would work - negative 10% would be much better... I hope.

Jeff is rolling his eyes at my latest attempt:

The Koigu "KPPPM" hat was done top-down, increasing one stitch in each of eight sections every other round, which made a domed top. This "Calmer" hat started with six sections, and I increased one stitch in each section every round, which made a flat top. So far so good. I then did four rounds of purls to make a curled border, and now am working down in 2x2 ribbing.

I calculated the circumference of the hat by measuring the diameter of the six-section-circle, and multiplying that number by Pi. That total is now negative 10% of Jeff's actual head size. We'll see if that smaller measurement, plus the tightening ribbing, makes this thing wearable.

I swear, I'm about set to go to the Vermont Country Store and just order him a flannel nightcap.

At least we had one success today:

This is "Nine Grain Bread" from More Breaking Bread by Father Dominic Garramone, who had a show on PBS. It uses a multi-grain cereal mix (like Bob's Red Mill kind - it's like porridge, not like cold cereal), millet seeds (which pop like caviar when you chew them!), flax seeds (which are full of Omega-something-or-other and which lower your cholesterol) and sunflower kernels (my own addition).

It is the most fantastic bread and a loaf rarely lasts a day here.

I love the Father Dom books, but Jeff recently got me this, the Bible of bread baking books. As with my knitting, I want to understand the whys of baking artisan bread, and not just follow patterns... er, I mean, recipes. This book explains how everything works, using percentages (the Elizabeth Zimmermann system of baking!) so that you can develop an understanding of how to make up your own breads.

But judging by my made-up nightcap, perhaps made-up breads are not something I should attempt!

Finally Comin' Down

After apocalyptic predictions of snowfall all day, with nary a flake in sight (though we did, believe it or not, have an escaped kangaroo on the loose, which has since been captured), snow has finally begun to come down. They're predicting 7" by morning, but I think they'd do better to watch the juncos at the birdfeeder (they flock there before a snowstorm) than rely on Live Doppler Radar. I don't know what Live Doppler Radar is - I just know it is always wrong! (Right, Kary?)

Tori and Fiona are hunkered down for the night. That would be my felted "Welcome Back, Old Friend" wool and silk tunic they're using for a coverlet.

I found Mr. Valentine looking for bread in the kitchen:

Who, me? I had enough flour last week!

May you be snug and warm tonight, and may your needles be clicking away, merrily or soothingly, as required.

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Monday, January 03, 2005


How You Can Help

From Needlework Unlimited yarn shop:

We have all been shocked by the tsunami disaster that has destroyed an entire region of the world. This tragedy has been brought home to us here at Needlework Unlimited in a personal way. One of our needlepoint finishers and expert seamstresses, Rina Sands, is from Sumatra and her parents and extended family live in the center of the devasted area. We have set up a donation box at the store and you may read more about Rina at the following links:

Minnesota Public Radio

Needlework Unlimited and its staff will match the contributions put in our donation box. Checks may be made out to the Minnesota Indonesia Society.

I suggest you go to their website, get a little treat for yourself, and at the same time make a little donation to help a sister-in-fiber help the victims. Everybody wins, and this helps put a personal face on your philanthropy.

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Sunday, January 02, 2005


Papa Bear's Cold Care

"Hack-hack-hack. Cough. Groan. Moan. Whine." [Pout. Sigh.]

I fear, Gentle Reader, that I am not good company just now. Woke up with a chest cough and stuffed sinuses. No holiday trip to the natural history museum for me today. [Pout again.]

At least Jeff is playing nurse for me. He's been busy concocting natural remedies that are, in fact, working!

The vitamin C in oranges never hurts. But what is really helping is the essential oil concoctions.

In the candle diffusers placed throughout the home, he has an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic blend of tea tree (5 drops), lavender (2 drops) and thyme (2 drops).

In the dish is a homemade Vick's vapor rub: a 1 tsp. base of grapeseed oil in which he's placed lemon (1 drop), eucalyptus (2 drops) and rosemary (3 drops). It is to be massaged around the chest, neck, and sinus area and works great.

And on the hankie* we have an inhalation blend of thyme (1 drop), peppermint (1 drop), eucalyptus (1 drop) and clove (1 drop). I'm supposed to inhale deeply whenever possible, and so am carrying this around as I shuffle about in my fuzzy yellow robe with sheep on it. (There is something comforting to a fiber artist about having PJs and a robe with sheep emblazoned on them. I will spare you a pic of me in my sheep slippers.)

If you've been lucky enough to avoid colds or influenza (and believe me, if you have ever had influenza, you know that it is not just a bad cold - it irritates me no end when people with colds say they have the flu, and then take anti-bacterial antibiotics which wouldn't help a viral flu, anyway! Sorry, I told you I was grumpy today...), then get thee out to get some essential oils so you are prepared should the worst happen and you be unlucky enough to succumb to that sneeze from the checkout person at your grocery store! Blech! (And don't forget to wash your hands often - the very best prevention of all!)

* What, you don't have a hankie? And you, a craftsperson? You deserve to have a nice hankie or two, and not those horrendous, skin-irritating and wasteful paper tissues!

Simply buy inexpensive cotton hankies at your local discount store, or get some cotton yardage from the fabric store and cut a square. Then, take a tiny, metal crochet hook and some fine crochet cotton, and a handy book of crochet edgings from the library, and just poke the hook right through the fabric to crochet some lovely border lace (a good project for an at-home, in-bed, not-feeling-well-at-all day! Imagine you are indisposed a la Jane Austen. Play it up, and have people pity you and bring you Earl Grey tea.)

Roll the edge of the fabric tightly as you go, to make a hem enclosed by your foundation row of crochet stitches. Heck, if you don't want to make lace, you can stop with one round of colorful stitches just to secure the fabric. For an elegant hankie, use crochet thread in the same shade as the fabric - white on white or cream on cream are lovely.

If you're feeling especially creative, you can take a needle and the crochet cotton and stitch your initials onto one corner using simple embroidery techniques.

Voila - a gorgeous, soft, washable hankie you'll be proud to take out of your pocket... especially when infused with your favorite perfurme, or some essential oils, to sniff when you need a mood-lifter or sinus-clearer!

All recipes are from The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood.

The Blunders Of 2004

I promised I'd share my 2004 fibery boo-boos with you, and here they are.

I knew, when I wove these cotton dishtowels, that they would shrink a lot because of the fiber and the waffle weave pattern I'd chosen. (Thanks again for the help on that, Pamela!) I did not, however, realize they would shrink down to washcloth size!

I tried warping my rigid heddle loom in an unfamiliar way, and ended up having to re-tension the warp a couple of times. That goofed up my length estimates, which is why one towel is so much shorter than the others.

Well, I learned a lot from the project, and had fun doing it, and got over some more loom-a-phobia, and still have some useful... washcloths for my troubles, so that wasn't as bad as this:

That would be my silk/wool cabled tunic from the Fall, 2002 issue of Interweave Knits. The pattern is called "Welcome Back, Old Friend" and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make it.

It was my first big cable project, and took me ages to knit and seam. But I finally finished it, and loved wearing it. And then... it grew.

And despite (or, perhaps, because of) washing and blocking several times, it grew and it grew and it grew and it grew.

It got longer. It got wider. The sleeves lengthened and began to look like elephants' trunks. What on Earth?

I made Jeff try it on. Wow, he is 6'3", and it was too big for him!

What to do, what to do? (If I had asked Jeff first, he would have wisely told me to take it apart and re-use the yarn. I did not, unfortunately, ask Jeff first.)

I tried to felt it. It took three trips through the washer and dryer to begin to felt. And then I remembered: cable-knit items will not felt in width! In fact, if anything, it actually got wider!

I now have a sweater with a 60" bust measurement (I am a 38-40), and a tunic which is now 19" in length (I am 5'7" so that goes about to my waist.

Well, what I actually have now is a very expensive and time-consuming dog bed/blanket for Fiona. And at least I didn't have the heartbreak of poor Julia - I had gotten some use out of the sweater.

What did I learn from this? That not every pattern published in a magazine has been road-tested. That heavy yarns are not good to use for big sweaters knit at relatively loose gauges. To trust my instincts and take inspiration from other designers but continue to design my own projects using techniques from Elizabeth Zimmermann, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, and Barbara G. Walker. (Claudia, they are great for those of us who are gauge-challenged!)

And to ask Jeff's advice once in a while. I always think I have more common sense than he, but... that is just a wifely superiority complex. There is a reason, after all, that he had a high-school project accepted by NASA, to go aboard the space shuttle. There is a reason, after all, that he just got a great review and a raise (go, Jeff!) There is a reason, after all, that he knows how to make a lovely Christmas dinner and a wicked vapor rub. Why, that man, despite being a man , might just have a brain or two in that skull! Knitting, for him, should be child's play... if I can just get over my pride and admit he might actually be able to help!

Good Wishes For You

May your 2005 bring you the best of luck in your fibery pursuits, the best of health, and an open attitude of willingness to accept help from others. Have a fantastic day!

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