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Saturday, September 14, 2002

Take Kate's Yarnhead Challenge!

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Grateful To Give Back

Today I am grateful that we were able to participate in the Washington County Humane Society's fundraiser walk.

Val, Jeff and I walked with a nice lady with two beautiful Vislas (which you can see on the right in the photo of me and Val). We had a great time and we learned a lot about dog training and behavior.

Val even got to meet McGruff!

Val and Jeff with McGruff.

Stasia and Val, ready to walk with Vislas.

Our cat, Abby, was adopted from this shelter.
She is winking because she lives a life of luxury now.

I am grateful we were able to do something for a shelter that helps so many animals! They even had dogs who were available for adoption participating in the walk. A fun time was had by all!

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Friday, September 13, 2002

Sweater Update

So, last night I finished the neck of the sweater... on the wrong needles! The pattern didn't say to change to the smaller needles before starting the neck, though at the beginning it said smaller needles were called for. ARGH! I frogged it back to the start, fumbled through the first round because I'd lost a stitch somewhere, and finally I am set to re-do it.

Here is a photo of it, before I had to rip it out. I was so close to being finished!

So, how'd I do on my schedule today? I know all this stuff is just petty (my real, BIG to-do list is hidden away, as it's too overwhelming!) but this entry is only to give you an idea of how I schedule, and what gets done this way:

    Well, I sent the thank-you, e-mailed about the AVID chip, and did my Chi video while finishing the laundry.

    As for eating healthy, I don't think that ice cream, followed by a veggie burger with a leftover Starbuck's mocha, was really what I was shooting for. Made up for that by having sushi and FruitWater for dinner... and just a little more ice cream!

    Confirmed the deposit at the bank, but Jeff got a bonus (yay!) so had to take that to the bank tonight... which was OK, because I got to "cash in" a bookstore gift certificate I'd gotten for my birthday (I found Vogue Knitting "Socks Two," a daily affirmations book by the Dalai Lama, plus one by Peter Mayle that I bought myself because his books crack me up - even if they do make me want to eat everything in sight!) Thankful fortuitous event: just tonight, before I left, Jeff gave me a coupon for the bookstore for 10% off any order, which he received with his symphony subscription - what great timing!

    Did not work on sweater neck but will now; did a round on my Opal Brasil socks.

    Brushed the cats but did not brush the dogs' teeth, which I need to make a regular habit. This is not stupid - it is important to protect their organs from bacteria that grows in their gums. I swear. Ask your vet.

    Set filing goals, plus scheduled tomorrow, forwarding undone things from today. That always helps me to relax at night, knowing I don't have to think and worry about what needs to be done.

    Wrote in my journal which I've been neglecting and which is important to my health. That also always helps me relax into sleep much more easily.

    Had to stop around dinner time for a rest, and in addition to my medication took a Benadryl because my ears are killing me from allergies.

So all in all I got most of what I wanted to accomplish done, and I feel good from the exercise, sushi, and water, and I got some unexpected fun thrown in as well. My energy level is better than it was this morning, and I have a yummy knitting book to peek at now.

I have to say, though... there is no way I could do this if I were still working. I don't know how anyone who has a job and kids can have any kind of life at all. No wonder stress-related illnesses are so rampant!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Be sure to take some time for YOU!

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Today I am grateful for organization. Without it, I would not be able to do the things I need to do for my body and mind, in order to be able to live like a "normal" person.

I challenged Linda to prioritize her daily goals so she wouldn't feel so overwhelmed and so she would have time for self-care.

I think it's only fair that I reciprocate and list my goals for today, and show how I'd prioritize them, and what I'd sacrifice to achieve balance.

Here, then, is how someone with a chronic condition would achieve a balance between mind, body, and spirit.

First, what is most important to me? Jeff, the pets, my health, my friends, my creative outlets.

Second, what are the five needs we all have that must be attended to on a daily basis in order to create balance in our lives? Emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social.

Third, what things are on my "to do" list?

  • Check dogs' AVID microchip registration to make sure current vet is listed

  • Pick up Grandpa for PT

  • Meet Jeff for weekly lunch out

  • Eat healthfully and drink lots of water

  • Gentle exercise

  • Meditation/relaxation

  • Take medication

  • Confirm automatic deposit with bank

  • Update Blog

  • Work on sweater neck

  • Pack up Gem wheel to exchange

  • Pet duties

  • Laundry

  • Back up computer - photos, movies - and file to disk

  • Thank you to Nathania (sister) for birthday book

  • Prepare laminated emergency cards for cars and bike (in case I get killed while driving or biking, so someone can call Dianna to care of my pets. If you will see my "100 Things About Me" list, you will see I worry a lot!)

  • Fix dehumidifier which is rocking back and forth

  • Set filing goals for accumulating pile of paperwork. (Too intimidated to actually face project, so will attempt to break it down into achievable goals.)

  • Weed dyeplant garden and save seeds

  • Type up my hat pattern; research a book to see why it came out funny, and fix it. Put in my pattern files.

Ok, so, that probably doesn't look like much to a normal person, but for me it is way too much for one day (remember, four dogs require four trips outside, a minimum of four times a day each, on leashes!) Luckily I cleaned the cats' and rabbit's litterboxes yesterday and started laundry last night.

Also, luckily, Granpda just called and cancelled his PT transporation, and I'd already cancelled lunch with Jeff to take Grandpa. Those had been some of the top priorities for the day.

What remains as a top priority? Taking care of me, taking care of the animals, family, friends, and creative pursuits. The rest is just "hafta'" stuff... but in the greater scheme of things, is not what I want my life to be remembered for!

Now, what is not optional? The next four things on the list, plus the pets. I have no choice about the exercise and eating well. If I don't take the time to get my body loosened up each day, and if I cheat and eat fast food, then tomorrow will be awful. Those things must come first, even if they are all I can do in a day (besides caring for the animals). You know what? Taking care of you should be your top priority, too! "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

I can combine brushing the cats with throwing some laundry in, as they like to get groomed on top of the washing machine. So there is some multitasking, and after my self-care needs, the pets are the next priority. It will only take five minutes while I'm down there and they'll get the attention they need. Plus it is healthy for me to interact with them. Not to mention, Maine Coon fiber for spinning! Five minutes a day goes a long way.

Then, I can combine mediatation and knitting the sweater neck if I don't watch TV but instead put on a relaxation tape or CD. My knitting would probably benefit from this! I know I would benefit from this emotionally - TV always riles me up, and is a waste of time (yet it's such a habit to just flip it on for background noise, which does not help the peace level in the house!) Doing these things will fulfill my creative and spiritual needs.

I could also combine meditation/relaxation with exercise if I did my Chi videos.

Or exercise with weeding the garden... but I don't think I can handle that today.

I can update my Blog, check the deposit at the bank, and check in with friends all at the same time while online (I've just done that.)

I can't pack up the spinning wheel until the new one comes, because I need the box! So that's off for today. Also, I can't weed the garden with my low energy today; I will ask Jeff to help me with that tomorrow, when he's home for the weekend. The seeds aren't ready to harvest yet anyway.

But I will remember to try to set aside time for a trip to the art museum to see the DaVinci exhibit, and possibly, if feeling really well, take Valentine to a Humane Society dog walk, where I hope he will win the Fastest Tail Wagger contest! Spending relaxing time with Jeff and the pets is as important, if not more important, than just "getting things done!" Seeing the museum exhibit will fulfill my emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social needs all at once. If we walk a ways from outdoor parking, that would handle physical as well, so missing this exhibit is NOT a wise thing for me! Likewise, the dog walk would take care of physical, emotional, spiritual (becuse of giving back to the Humane Society), and social needs as well. See, fun things can be good for you!

The backing-up-computer project is very important, but it is going to be a large undertaking. There is only a little summer left to enjoy, and though it would be easy for me to do this when Jeff was home on the weekend, I would rather spend this particular weekend with him enjoying the weather and relaxing. He has been working really hard and needs the down time. So that item will get postponed for a rainy day, as will the dehumidifier repair, for which I also need his help.

The emergency card is important, but it is highly unlikely that I'm actually going to get killed and need it, so that can get postponed unless I get my other things done today. I have to keep my worrying in perspective.

Sending Nathania a thank-you card will get done today because maintaining family relationships is a high priority in my life. And I can call the AVID chip place at the same time, while sitting at my desk.

The hat pattern can wait - it is not important at all, just a reminder. But setting filing goals is something I must do... I've been putting off filing of papers for so long that I have four hanging files full of "to be filed" stuff, and it's starting to waste my time when I need to find an old bill or medical record or receipt for reference. I will set small goals for myself, like "File for 20 minutes today," which is something I can physically and mentally handle. It will keep the job from intimidating me.

So, that's how I'd prioritize my day, in order to save time, meet the five requirements of a balanced life, and (most importantly) have fun. Because if life isn't fun, then what's it worth?

Will I get to acheive all these goals? Probably not. Heck, I didn't even get to take a shower yesterday (better add that to today's list, but after the exercising!) And that is why organization and prioritizing are so important... because when I don't get to get all these accomplished, I want to make sure the top needs - family, pets, friends, creativity, health - are the ones that are getting met. The rest is just gravy.

I hope you will be able to meet your five requirements today!

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Thursday, September 12, 2002


I was not happy with that other "100 Things" list, so I re-did it, and it is here. It is a much more positive list, and positivity is what my life is about now. I want to share happy things, not sad things (though I left the previous list up for the curious at heart.)

A positive thing that happened is that Majacraft is going to replace my Gem wheel! I am really happy, and pleased with their customer service. I love this wheel (except for its individual problems - maybe a new employee put it together) and am looking forward to getting an A-OK one and spinning away on it. The Gem wheel design is neat and a lot of fun to use.

I am feeling positive about the gray cable sweater, which continues to progress thanks to Tracy's challenge. I have seamed the shoulders and am knitting up the neck.

I also spun and plied a bobbin-full of the Cosmos-dyed wool.

Brown Sheep wool Cosmos-dyed singles (L);
Brown Sheep wool and Wensleydale wool plied Cosmos-dyed yarn.

Positive things are all around us if we look for them. I hope you will have a positive day today!

Check out this blue sky today! Wow!

These are the pupae (?) which came out of the chrysalis.
They have turned from orange to brown.

Final batch of Goldenrod-dyed wool, finished yesterday.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Second Post Today

I give up. Spurred on by Linda's and Theresa's lists (but feeling I should know better than to do this!), here is my "100 Things" list. Please read it with an open mind. Please note that it does not appear in the Blog because this is a place for gratitude and positivity, and my 100 list is rather personal and somewhat dark... not for the faint-hearted, in any case. I am thankful it is finished.

It is far less important than the final paragraph on today's earlier post here, so if you're short of time, and looking for your daily dose of hope, please see that instead!

Herman Update

I am very sorry to report that Herman will not be a butterfly, at least not here on Earth. He was a good little caterpillar and we will miss him.

I have discovered that Herman was probably a host for the Tachnid Fly.

"Now Stasia," you say, "this is supposed to be a happy place. Why are you telling us about this?"

Well, I am telling you because this is something to be grateful for. Not necessarily in Herman's case, but in the larger view of things.

You see, these flies (which look like harmless, small wasps and live on pollen as adults) lay their eggs on caterpillars. Not just Monarchs, but things like cutworms or icky tent caterpillars, and other species which do a lot of damage to plants in your garden and in the woods. Then the flies go about pollinating all the wonderful trees and flowers, providing a very important service to all of us other living things.

The eggs on the caterpillars hatch and the larvae... well, they live inside the caterpillar they were hatched on, until they pupate and emerge as adults. (I am not so thankful for that part.)

I knew that something was awry today with Herman's chrysalis, because it hadn't darkened properly and looked deflated. There was an indentation on one side. And below him, in the jar, I saw a little egg. I thought it had been a seed that had gotten damp and swelled up, but tonight, there were two little eggs on the bottom! Sure enough, they looked like they might have come out of that indentation in the chrysalis.

I shined a light on the little eggs, and they appear to be another kind of chrysalis, and an insect appears to be inside. I believe it is a Tachnid fly.

And so, the cycle of Nature goes on in its infinite wisdom. This may not seem perfect, but it is necessary for balance, and that is surely something to be grateful for.

The things we are thankful for are not always things we're happy about. I am sad to lose Herman, but I know that in the big scheme of things, these flies are important to Nature's balance, not to mention pest-free garden veggies. It isn't pretty, but it's real life, and I'm thankful I can accept it.

Bye-bye, Herman. We will miss you. I know you have your wings in Heaven.

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Today I'm Grateful For...

  • Freedom and democracy.

  • President George Bush. I like his wife a lot, too. But I especially like their dog "Spotty Bush" who looks just like Valentine. Anyway, when I see the President on TV, he makes me feel comfortable. Confident. And proud to be an American.

  • Rescue workers.

  • Fiber artists around the world. People who play with soft things and are artistically fulfilled rarely feel the need to do mean things to each other. We should wrap everyone in wool when they are born.

  • That I did a three-needle bind-off to attach the sweater shoulders last night, and also picked up the stitches for the turtleneck and began work on it. That there were no corrections to this pattern when I finally thought to check the Interweave Knits errata sheets at their site today.

  • That the manufacturer of my wheel is willing to replace it (I'm going to make sure Jeff can't fix it first. No sense in them being out the cost if he can.)

  • That even if Herman doesn't make it, I did my best to help him. Nothing has happened and he looks kind of weird. But I did my best... This site that Valerie told me about has much better photos of chrysalises and butterflies than I will ever be able to take. Thanks for sharing, Valerie! Please take a peek.

Tonight I will light a candle for world peace. Please join me (but be careful and don't leave it unattended!) If you'd like, please say some prayers of whatever kind you choose while you knit or spin this evening. Every little bit helps. Stick a prayer in every stitch, a good thought in every inch.

There is no rhyme or reason... we don't always know why conflicts occur (in families, among nations, in nature)... but we don't have to have the answers. We just have to have hope.

Which flock do you follow?
this quiz was made by alanna

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Today's Five Things

Here are the five things I'm grateful for today:

  • Several short sunflowers in the garden are, indeed, going to flower after all. They are a deep, rusty red. Another HUGE yellow one, which the chipmunks must have planted, is set to bloom in front of the house.

  • We had a lovely rainstorm today. I love gray-clouded days.

  • Valentine and I made it home safely in said rainstorm, after delivering Jeff's grandfather for his physical therapy. Val was a hit at the medical center.

  • Having Valentine. He is such good company for me. I'm so glad we found him. He is the best dog I have ever had the privilege to know.

  • Having more fibery projects than I know what to do with. I'm thankful that I have a sweater in the works, sock yarn ready to go, and natural-dyed fiber ready to spin.

    Sometimes I may get frustrated at my equipment (like my new, faulty wheel last night) - then I think of those who can't afford one spinning wheel, let alone as many as I have (don't even talk about spindles!) and I realize how richly blessed I am... how most of us are. Sometimes we fret about all of our UFOs or our stash... but think for a moment how blessed we are to have this "stuff," and the kind of lifestyles that allow us at least a little time to pursue our interests! I'm really thankful for my big, fibery mess today.

Herman Update

Nothing yet. The chrysalis looks somewhat more opaque today. I hope that is a good thing. Jeff and I check several times throughout the day and night to see what's happening. I promise to photograph the big event, if it should come to pass. I can see Herman's jar from my computer now... still nothing...

There, I kept it short today for you. Have a great one!

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Monday, September 09, 2002

So Much To Be Thankful For - Wow!

Today is a day rich in abundance! Please bear with me as the photos upload and I share the wonderful blessings that came my way...

Herman Update

Herman has been a chrysalis for about four days now and should be hatching later today or tomorrow. Today his chrysalis changed a bit, deepening in color near the top, and gold dots have appeared on the bottom. Shouldn't be long now!

Herman's chrysalis with gold dots

Norah Jones CD

I received Norah Jones' "Come Away With Me" CD for my birthday and it is fantastic. Blend a smoky, velvety, jazzy voice and arrangements with a dash of singer/songwriters of the 70s (Carole King, Carly Simon) and this is the perfect disc for a fall afternoon. Throw on a cozy sweater, go sit outside and smell the neighbors' burning leaves, and give this a listen. You won't be disappointed.

Dragonfly Dance

Last night, Jeff and I were privileged to attend a dragonfly dance in our yard. There were 15-25 dragonflies zooming above a patch of grass for over half an hour. It was like the Oshkosk Fly-In! I'm amazed they didn't crash into each other. Backwards, forwards, side to side they darted, so quickly that I could only get the following photo of a single dragonfly:

Either they were eating mosquitoes, or finding mates, or maybe even just having fun in the late summer sunlight as it set... they were all different kinds and colors. It was such a spectacle to see!

While out there, I realized that it might be one of the last times I saw that slanting summer evening sunlight, so I snapped a couple of September shots:

My favorite time of day, with golden sunlight on the grass and leaves.

"Helicopters" almost ready for takeoff.

Pierogi Paddles!

I received an order I'd placed with spindle maker Edward Tabachek in Winnipeg - a lovely Purpleheart one-yard niddy-noddy, and a Walnut support spindle bowl for the "porpentine" quill spindle I'd received from my friend Diane (it works great in the bowl! I now like supported spindling!)

But what's are these in the box? Why, they are two pierogi paddles - beautiful Elm spatulas that Edward sells in his local craft gallery!

Edward writes:

    "Because the grain of Elm wood is an interlocking grain, it resists splitting and abrasion and makes a perfect kitchen tool."

Everything is gorgeous! I have pierogies in the freezer, and will put these spatulas to good use right away! Great work, as always (no affiliation, just a very satisfied spindle-and-wood-stuff repeat customer!)

Edward and his wife Jo-Anne have always been super supporters of the Spindlers Emergency Fiber Fairy FUNd, making many appreciated spindle donations for prizes and awards. Thank you both so much! Visit their site to see their beautiful work - Jo-Anne is a prizewinning weaver!

New Sock Yarn

As if that Tabachek package wasn't enough to make it a Happy Mail Day, I also received my new sock yarns from Ellen at The Fifth Stitch. Wow, that was fast! Great service and a nice gal - Claudia recommended Ellen, and I'm glad she did.

These are all 100g balls, so I'll have to divide them to make identical twin socks (I like matching sox, made two at the same time, on two circular needles each. See my sock pattern for more info.)

Now I will be able to make sox like Claudia's! (I'm sure mine won't be half as nice - see her Meilenweit pair on her page!)

Clockwise from top left:
Meilenweit 617; Meilenweit 616;
Opal Brasil 5006; Opal Brasil 5002.
Click name to see completed sock examples at Ellen's site.

Cosmos Yarn On Gem

I began spinning up the Cosmos-dyed wool on my new Gem wheel. I really, really like the no-orf-hook-needed delta orifice, and the adjustable, single-hook yarn guide (both are delightful for my not-too-dexterous fingers!) But I am having some difficulty with a bothersome noise and a "wobble/jerk" from a mis-aligned treadle... e-mails sent to vendor and manufacturer, respectively. Darn! Keep your fingers crossed we'll be able to work it out... in the meantime, better get out a Swan...


Today I had a doctor appointment, then various and sundry errands which tired me a lot. I gave up on the idea of making a maple birthday cake, and instead just bought a chocolate cake while at the food store getting FruitWaters. What a combination in the shopping cart! Healthy water and naughty cake! (I won't call it unhealthy cake - I think a little splurge, and a little chocolate, every once in a while are good for the soul... but undoubtedly a little naughty, too!)

While I was at the store, I had to get some beer for Jeff - it's the first Monday Night Football game tonight! And, get this - I got carded! The day after my 37th birthday! Now that felt good!

It was a lovely day here in Wisconsin, even though it was approaching ninety degrees, and listening to the Norah Jones CD in the car made everything go smoothly. But I was glad to get home.

I hope your day was as richly blessed as mine has been. It's time for me to sit and rest up a bit, so I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, and please say hi in the TagBoard!

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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Second Sunday Update

  • I have updated my dyeing experiments page with the natural dyes I worked on this week. Please take a peek. General instructions are there; let me know if you have a question.

  • The party went just fine. Everyone was nice as pie. I got some nice gifts (CDs, some money, some homemade jam).

    One wonderful thing I got was a set of handknit dishcloths from my mother-in-law. This was cool, because she has started knitting again after about 22 years because of my influence. She also brought along a little preemie hat she'd made from an Internet pattern I'd shared with her (she'll be donating it to a hospital). It makes me happy to see her take up the craft again.

    I am also happy I got Di knitting, because she got her mother to take it up again, too. That is three more people making preemie hats and wedding afghans, all because of me. That feeling is very cool, and that is why I like these little dishcloths so much - they will remind me of how I made a difference by passing along a craft.

    The pizza was great and there's lots left over in my fridge. Yum!

  • All went just fine with my mom (even though Dave and Di, my "buffers", were 45 minutes late because Di got sick at her soccer game today! What true friends, to show up anyway!)

    My mom gave me a card that said, in part:

      "[The bond between mother and daughter....] means it's ok if it takes a long time to undersatnd each other on some things... it means some things don't have to be understood or solved or perfect."

    And that seemed to be the same point I was trying to get to - to just sort of deal with where we are, without overanalyzing with each other how we got here. (I analyze it enough with my therapist!) We can have the relationship we have, and it doesn't have to be close, or mushy, or anything but just accepting or maybe tolerant, and that's ok.

    It wasn't that difficult to just get together. Let me re-phrase that: getting to this point was very difficult after I chose not to see her for so long... if you ever think of severing a knot with someone, think twice, because re-tying it will be ten times harder!

    But the actual experience of being together wasn't strained or uncomfortable, obviously because there were other people around to keep various conversations going, so it really went ok. Not like I want to run out and take her to the mall or anything, but it was very nice. She brought me a rose, and a gift certificate to a local book store, and was very chatty with everyone, so it really went as well as could be expected and now it won't be hard to get together in the future. But I will remember to do what is best for me, knowing how stress affects my health... I will choose when, and how, I will let her be a part of my life. And if I can't stick to that, I can always back away again.

So now it is time to unwind from all this dyeing, worrying, sweater finishing, and pizza eating, and SPIN! Look out, Gem, here I come! It's time you and I got to know each other!

Thank you, everyone, for your birthday wishes and your support through the disFUNctional Family Function! I sincerely appreciate it! I encourage you to re-connect with someone in your life today, too. Bells may not ring, doves may not fly skyward, and tears may not flow, but at least you will have taken a smidgen of uncomfortableness out of the world, allowing for a freer flow of positivity... I know my insides feel a little better now. If I can do it, so can you!

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It's Finished!

The gray sweater is finished (some assembly required...)

I'm pleased to report that, after getting involved in some dye experiments, going on a bike ride with Jeff and two friends, and various other interruptions, I stayed up late to finish sleeve number two of the gray cable sweater. Ta da!!!

I was going to treat myself to some sock knitting, but realized that as soon as I'd cast on, a package would probably arrive with "more interesting" yarn from The Fifth Stitch, which I'd probably want to work on instead...

So I've decided to be patient, take a break from knitting, and spin up the Cosmos-dyed fibers. Seeds Of Change (the supplier of the plant seeds I used) expressed an interest in seeing the finished yarn, and hopefully they'll include a photo of it (along with the one I'd already sent of the dyed fiber) in their e-newsletter, too... and we'll get some newbie spinners on the road to ruin... I mean, on a path of creative fulfillment!

Today is the day of the DysFUNctional Family Function (my ill-planned, co-dependent birthday pizza party, never to be repeated.) I'm actually feeling fine about it... not exactly positive, but not afraid or stressed. I have the kind wishes of folks here, I will have dear friends along for support, and then I'll have an Alprazolam in my pocket, just in case! I'm sure it'll go just fine. But all the same, I will be glad when it is over and I can get back to my fiber arts!

Tori and Val say, "Enough knitting, Mama, time for bed!"

And so I bid you adieu, and happy Sunday! More tomorrow, unless I'm prostrate with a cold cloth on my forehead... Nah, spinning on my new Gem will relax me!

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The Tibet Fund
Citizens For A Free Tibet
Monadnock Humane Society
The National Primate Research Exhibition Hall (NPRX)
The Primate Freedom Project

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The Animal Rescue Site

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We have a new ISP and my web pages are being moved. My old URLs will not work unless you go here and type them in to get an archived copy. As I upload the pages to the new server, the links in my sidebar will become clickable again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Knit Koigu Kersti Shawl
Gaugeless Toe-Up Socks
Knit Beehive Hat
Knit Fingerless Mitts
Knit PodPocket For iPod Mini

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Dyeing Experiments and Instructions - Updating
Textile and Fiberarts Pages - Updating
Beekeeping Pages - Updating
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