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Saturday, August 17, 2002


Here are some things that are "tens" on the cuteness chart. I hope they make you smile!

Baby horse at the farm down the road.

Baby horse with its mother.

While we were walking down the highway to get a picture of the baby horse, a nice couple in a minivan stopped to ask if we needed a ride to the gas station at the corner. They thought we had been stranded. I am grateful for the good Samaritans that there are in the world - even if we don't always require their assistance.

Tori sleeping upside down.

"Babar And Father Christmas", pp. 34-35.

This is an illustration on pages 34-35 of Jean De Brunhoff's "Babar And Father Christmas". I love this drawing of the workshop beneath the snowy mountain, with the little room views in cutaway, the little dwarves going about their business, a crackling fire in Father Christmas' study at the top. Note the pulley cable on the ceiling of that room, above the fancy chandelier - that cracks me up!

    "While Father Christmas shows him around, Babar explains that he has made this long journey to ask him to visit the Elephants' country. Won't he distribute toys to the elephant children, just as he does to the children of men? Father Christmas is much touched by this request."

I just think that is so cute!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Some Happy Things

Today I am thankful for a letter of gratitude I received. It made my day!

Madeleine taught me a good lesson today! I'm going to send more "thank-you" notes to people and brighten their days... not to mention thanking the Creator for all the blessings in my life.

I'm grateful for dogs who eat corn on the cob. They make me smile.

Begging for sweet corn.

We are careful not to let them eat the cob.

I'm thankful I received a new spindle and inkle weaving shuttle today from Wild West Weaver. The spindle is a red oak top whorl by Al Snipes and is 1.9 oz./54 g. Al also made the Navajo-style spindle I received as a gift from my friend Alicia S. Thanks, Alicia! She got me hooked on Al's woodworking.

And I'm thankful that I biked 5.86 miles in 38 minutes today. I took a new trail (actually, a different section of the 12 mile trail). When you bike, other bikers always say hello to you. It's nice. Today at a doctor's appointment, the physician was rushed and impatient and didn't even shake my hand or introduce himself. That wasn't nice. I think I will continue to bike, but will not continue to see that doctor. I think I will get healthier biking than seeing him again, anyway.

Finally, I'm thankful that I am now going to log off and weave in the ends on my four socks, and will definitely have a photo to show you tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

A Place To Be Myself

This is my little journaling desk.

Jeff got this little lap desk for me after I had hurt my back and was stuck in bed. It was such a thoughtful gift, because the center tilts up to support books, and the side "pockets" hold all my writing materials.

On the left are two journals - one for fiberarts projects (photos of raw fiber I've purchased with records pertaining to the animal and farmer; photos and notes pertaining to dyeing experiments; photos of finished projects; notes on patterns) and one for naturalist notes - when the migrating birds return, when the flowers bloom, when the first snowfall occurs.

The open book is my regular journal, where I log what I did each day, how I felt emotionally and physically (this is helpful in monitoring the effects of medications or dietary changes or natural treatments with which I'm experimenting.) I also get really crabby in this journal, which is why I can talk about only positive things here at the Blog. :-) I also note whether I've practiced my recorder or Native American flute music, whether I've knit or spun, and what books I'm reading, movies I'm watching, or music I've been listening to, with little reviews.

My CD player is here, because I like to listen to relaxing music while I'm gathering my thoughts. Tonight it was John Huling's "Canyon Spirit". I will also often light a few candles or diffuse some essential oil to still my mood and gain focus (Juniper tonight).

On the right is a cigar box which holds all my gel pens for writing in my black journals - I have several blank ones, that I purchased on sale, in storage, waiting for me.

When I journal, I like to use stickers to mark the seasons or my moods (note the snowman and sled in the photo!) Sometimes I will cut out photos from magazines - things I can't afford but consider beautiful, clothes I love but would never wear (I'm a confirmed leggings and bluejean shirt gal), quotes on little plaques - and I glue-stick them into the pages. I save stubs from movie tickets in there, too.

This is a great time of year to stock up on fun pens and creative things for journaling from the back-to-school sections of stores. You can spend under $10 and get a new journal, a funky pen, some stickers, and get started!

While I try to keep things very positive here at the Blog, those who know me know that my health makes for some rough times. It is nice to have a place where I can just be myself - as crabby, immature, bad-natured, depressed, or sullen as I want - and where nobody will judge me for it. Sometimes I get really mad at people, but I know that that anger will pass... and yet it weighs on me and prevents me from focusing on something else. So, rather than hurt someone's feelings over something I know I won't care about in a few days, I will rant and rave about it in my journal... and always feel better afterwards.

It's not like I expect anyone to cherish my memoirs after I'm gone - they're much too self-involved to be of any merit, and I really don't want anyone to see them, ever! But writing down my thoughts is as good as verbalizing them to a therapist. It's amazing how your mind grasps things differently when you actually go through the act of putting your thoughts into words. Usually I'll gain a whole new perspective, but at a minimum I will have gotten bothersome things off my chest and be able to get on with my day in a better mood (or get to sleep more easily).

Journaling is like exercise... when you do it, you feel great. When you don't make an effort to do it, you kind of forget about it, until things build up inside you and you find yourself weeping for no reason, or making sarcastic faces at people on the highway. Then it's time to get that journal out and crab to your heart's content... and you wonder why you waited so long!

Today I felt like I didn't have anything to be grateful for or to share with you. So I got out my journal and got out all my blicky crabbiness, and then I realized how thankful I was for my own, safe place to do that.

Happy journaling! And if you're visiting this site, please sign the TagBoard! I think I only have three visitors... but I value those three very, very much! :-)

(By the way, I advise you all to sneak outside in your jammies like I did the other night... I forgot to say how much it reminded me of my childhood, when I'd have an early bath and be in my jammies before sunset, but would sneak outside to listen to the adults as they chatted on the patio. Try it! You'll like it!)

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Monday, August 12, 2002

Un-Guilty Pleasures

We had thunderstorms all afternoon and evening. In need of comfort tonight, I retired to the recliner with a cheap white Zinfandel, an Amy's Organic Spinach Pizza, and two foreign films on DVD - "Amelie" and "Bread And Tulips". They're similar in that both speak to listening to that inner voice that asks, "Are you really happy with your life? If not, what changes can you make?" Both explore the journeys of women who take detours in pursuit of happiness. Both are full of joy and are beautiful films. I liked "Bread And Tulips" best because of its innocence.

Sometimes, especially when it's raining and you aren't feeling your best, you just need to spend some time on small indulgences - a cozy chair, comfort food, and a beautiful book or movie.

I enjoy watching subtitled films because they force me to pay attention. The scenery, costumes, sets - all are just a wee bit off from "generic mid-America" where I live. The sound of the foreign languages draws me in, especially when I catch a word with which I'm familiar. Having to read the subtitles prevents me from missing certain camera angles or facial expressions that I wouldn't catch if I were just "listening" to a movie, as I often do when I knit.

But nothing will prevent me from finishing these Lorna's Laces socks in the "Vera" colorway, so tonight I practiced knitting while not looking - and it worked. As I learned a new skill, I don't feel like the evening was a complete, self-indulgent waste of time. (It wouldn't have been, anyway, because experiencing these films was a great use of my time... but I seem to have an over-guilty conscience if I'm not productive at all times! Quite a silly attitude I'm trying to get over!)

Today I...

  • Renewed my driver's license at the DMV. Thank goodness I like to read everything including signs and, unlike the 40 or so people in line, saw the "Express Line" for renewals. I went straight to the front and was called immediately - no waiting. A quick vision test, a quick photo (that actually came out all right!) and I was out of there in less than 15 minutes. Only had time to knit half a round of the socks. What luck!

  • Took Russian-language Milwaukee paper from Polish Deli to Post Office to mail to Belarussian friend. Sent an answering machine to Jeff's parents so that Jeff's grandfather can leave messages for them; sent a "Lilo And Stitch" book to Jeff's sister, Becky. Had to get all the weird stamps hand-cancelled while there, so that they can be returned for Jeff's collection. Post Office lady was very understanding.

  • Took flyers for sale of motorcycle to a couple of local shops with bulletin boards.

  • Slept in afternoon after the driving and because of approaching storms (they put my system on the fritz). Dogs, all scared of storms, snuggled in bed.

  • Knit to point of ribbing on both Lorna's socks.

    Last night there was a gorgeous sunset. I was in my jammies after a hot bath, ready for bed quite early, but I wanted to get a better view so I went out on the deck. The twilight was lovely - the lightning bugs were glowing in my newly-watered (and unsuccessfully weeded) garden, the katydids and crickets were beginning to chirp, and mourning doves were "hoo-hoo"-ing in the pines.

    I glanced toward the street and saw that no cars or people were about, so ventured off the deck and closer to the garden. The evening was cool after a hot day, and it was that magical time of evening when the sun's rays are gone, but there's still a sort of glow in the open meadows, though the woods are beginning to darken quickly. I expected to see pixies at every turn, and was startled by a cottontail darting in front of me, his white tailpuff flashing brightly in the muted glow of light reflected in the sky but dimmed down on Earth.

    The overgrown grass path around the yard lured me on, and I walked the perimeter of the prairie, sure that I'd be screened from the neighbors by the trees... and actually not much caring if they saw me out walking in my pajamas, touching the waving grasses as I passed. The gorgeousness of it all would make up for any embarrassment should I be noticed, but they were all inside. They didn't know what they were missing!

    I could only move very slowly yesterday, but on this walk that was a blessing, as I noticed grasses with ripened seed ready to fall and late-blooming prairie flowers, moths and fireflies. I stopped often to turn and note the progress of the sky's changing colors, and was reminded that humans will never be able to duplicate Nature's awesome palette.

    I have learned that being forced to slow down is not always something to get upset about, but can be a wonderful gift for which I can be most thankful. How much I would miss, if I were able to pass things by as quickly as I once did... wonderful foreign films, and evening walks through our tiny wood and prairie. What blessings!

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    Sunday, August 11, 2002


    I thought this little chappie was very inspiring in his efforts, and I hope you'll find him so, too! He planted those sunflowers himself, and is now busily harvesting his crop. He is very little, and it is obviously hard for him to climb up to get his seeds (not to mention to have the foresight to plant his plants!) but he still does it, a little at a time, over and over, up and down the stalk and back to his hoard.

    Today is one of my "minus" days physically, but I'm reminded that little by little, bit by bit, I can accomplish important endeavors, too!

    Wussow Chipmunk, Sunday

    Today I knit a bit on my Lorna's sock; did not tidy up the Regia sox but will; clipped Abby Tabby's toenails; tried to weed the garden but was unable to. That's ok, that's why God invented Round-Up. I'm tired but tomorrow is another day!

    Have a great week!

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    "I do believe that gratitude is the most basic form of devotion."

      ~ Spinner, Knitter, Doctor, and Friend Theresa Chan

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