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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fun With Photos

We got a new digital camera... twice. We're trying out a third to see if this one is broken, too.

These photos were all taken with my old camera, which means I've had to transfer the pics from a 3.5" disk to a CD on the old computer, then edit them on the new computer with the new version of my old software, which I'm still learning how to use. (Sometimes I cheat and do the editing on the old computer where there aren't so many options to confuse me!) Perhaps someone can tell me how to make my photo borders see-through? I know where the option is - just not what to choose!

    I got it - a .jpg has to have a matted background to match the page color. A .gif can be made transparent. Photoshop Elements 3 is a great program with a great Help feature!

You see why I haven't had updates for you lately?

First, I need to show you our mushrooms - these are the second crops of shiitakes and pink oysters from our kits. We're getting to be pros at this now, and have moved the mushroom farm from our bathroom into am indoor, humidity-controlled greenhouse instead. Jeff's already eyeing up space for more kits...

Second Crop Of Pink Oyster Mushrooms, Photo Through Plastic Tent

The Mushroom Hut

Shiitakes With Seared Tuna - YUM!
Stunt Lemon For Size Perspective
(I grew that lemon!)

Jeff has shared his mushroom recipe on my podcast. It might be a while before that goes live; I now find I have to replace the CD drive in my computer - yes, the new computer. Sigh!

Well, some additional time might be good, as the podcast so far is all about mushrooms. I need to find some relation between fungi and fiberarts to make it interesting for you guys. Six degrees from shiitakes to sheep - can it be done?

I'm very pleased to say that I have finished my Clapotis! It was knit with Brooks Farm Yarn Four Play in the "Classy" colorway. Took a bit less than three skeins (might be enough for a hat left over...?)

The pattern was a pleasure to knit, with just enough in terms of changes to keep it interesting, and an easy repeat so that I could listen to Harry Potter on the iPod (something that did not work when I picked up my Creatures Of The Reef lace shawl after a year's sabbatical... can we say LIFELINES FROM NOW ON?)

    Did that last link freak you out? Believe it or not, that is an easy lace pattern, and you, too, can do it! There's even a suppor group here. Mine is coming along really fast and I should have a pic for you next week!

"I'm a lone Clapotis..."

"...on the wild prairie..."

"...I hear the hummin' of the bees..."

"...and the yippin' coyotes. Yippie kai yai yay..."

    I promise not to write a song about mushrooms for the podcast.

One thing I did differently was to ignore the many markers the pattern called for and instead make the "to be dropped" stitch a purl instead of a knit. Instant marker - and it's going to come out later anyway. So much easier! For more info on the modification, join the Clapotisknitalong2005 group.

And since I knit Eastern Uncrossed style, I had to mentally replace the instructions for knitting into the backs of the stitches on either side of those purls with "knit a crossed stitch". Once I figured out how to adapt the pattern to my unorthodox style, I was off and running. (Thanks, Nannette and Kary, for the help!)

Those who block their Clapotiises against the advice of pattern author Kate Gilbert are missing the wonderful draping and curling that give this scarf-stole such life. Put it purl-side out, let it snuggle itself around you, and forget trying to steam it into a parallelogram - let alone a rectangle!

I've been working on software and hardware fixes for a couple of weeks now. I've been learning new computer applications, getting frustrated with a few new digital cameras, having to replace things hither and yon, listening to the new Harry Potter on my iPod, and trying to keep up with yardwork and housework and pet-momming to boot. Never mind having to rip out several rows of a lace shawl due to my own stupidity. [Bashing Self On Head Like Dobby: "Stitch markers! Lifelines!"]

And now it's very late and for the life of me I'm too tired to do the HTML code to make a list of photos into pop-ups to save you loading time on this page a la Claudia, and so I beg your pardon and instead leave you with some captionless photos of the beauty around here that I've been so grateful for of late. We've had high heat and little rain, but life abounds "on the wild prairie".

Have a GREAT weekend, and I hope the loading time doesn't make you want to kill me. I tried to make the file sizes small.

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